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About Us

Max's House Animal Rescue, originally known only as "The Cat Guys from Fordham", was established in 1963 in the Bronx, NY in order to help animals primarily in the Fordham, Belmont, & Grand Concourse sections of the Bronx, where there were no city supported animal welfare organizations other than AC&C, which primarily only euthanized stray and feral cats. The group's founder moved to Ridgewood, New Jersey in 1985 and incorporated as Max's House Animal Rescue, Inc. in 1999 in tribute to a dearly loved deceased cat.

Since our inception in 1963 we have rescued and homed over 23,500 cats. Many of those cats were rescued from municipal and county animal shelters where they were scheduled to be killed when the statutory 7-day holding period expired. Many of those cats were rescued literally minutes before they were going to be killed. Many were victims of abuse, neglect, and abandonment. Some were thrown from moving vehicles or tossed into dumpsters like trash. We have also and spayed, neutered, and vaccinated over 12,500 feral cats in an effort to humanely reduce the free roaming cat population and reduce the systematic killing of feral cats.

Thousands of beautiful, loving animals are put to death daily in shelters and thousands more suffer horribly in laboratories, pounds and on the street. We are dedicated to saving as many of these unfortunate souls as possible. These victims are rescued, given medical care, spayed & neutered and cared for by our volunteers until suitable homes are found for them. This vital life-saving work is critical for these unfortunate animals since their only crime is to be born unwanted or abandoned.

It is our mission to prevent cruelty, promote spay/neuter, promote Trap Neuter & Return (TNR) to reduce the free roaming population and to encourage awareness through education, while also teaching respect for all animals and the environment in which they live.

And now a few words from the President of Max's House....


Hi! I'm Jade. I'm alive today because someone cared enough to get  me vaccinated when I was little. But my best friend Max wasn't vaccinated and died when he was only 10 weeks old of a horrible disease called panleukopenia. It destroys all the white blood cells and makes us get very sick and die. Many of us kittens that get this disease die, but it can be prevented by vaccinations. There are many other terrible diseases like feline leukemia that can't be cured either, but can be prevented by vaccinations. 

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I'm so sad about Max. He was so sweet and really smart. He didn't have  to die. A few dollars for vaccinations would have saved his life. Every  year thousands of kittens who never get a chance at life die of these  terrible diseases because small pet adoption centers and shelters just don't have enough money to vaccinate all of us.   

                                 Hears how we all can help...

Send me a picture of your pet along with a small donation and I'll put his/her picture here in Max's House as a sponsor. 
All the money we raise together will be used to vaccinate pets in small  adoption centers and shelters. We can't save them all, but if each of us  can save just one or two,   together we will  have saved many who otherwise would die a painful agonizing, and  UNNECESSARY death.

                                Thank you with all my heart,

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Give The Gift of Life

Sponsor a Homeless Kitten's Vaccination Series for just $22.00.

The FVRCP kitten vaccination series consists of 3 innoculations of the Feline Panleukopenia (feline parvovirus), Rhinotracheitis (feline herpesvirus), and Feline Calicivirus vaccines.

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Please Send a check or money order for whatever you can afford to:

Max's House Animal Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 1581
   Ridgewood, NJ 07451-1581





         These wonderful animals can't fend for themselves, so it's up to us to help
     them, they have no one else. 
Won't you please help us to save the life of one of these wonderful little creatures that enrich our lives so much.  




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Chairman of the Board
In Loving Memory of Mickey
The Perfect Cat

The Board of Directors of Max's House  






Board Meeting

These are some of our wonderful Feline, Canine and Human Supporting Sponsors who have graciously given the gift of life to other cats.


Through these portals passed the the most distinguished and compassionate cats in the world who have given the Greatest Gift of All: The Gift of LIFE to forgotten and abandoned cats.  We are proud and honored to be in their company!


Max's House Memorial Park


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While you are viewing this page, thousands of cats and dogs are being euthanized across the United States because no one wants them and there isn't enough money or space for the shelters to care for them. Many more are suffering and leading lives of quiet desperation on the streets. The new millenium is a time for hope, for change, and for new beginnings. Spay/Neuter is the single most important thing you can do to make a difference. Please have a heart.
For low cost Spay/Neuter in your area call 
1-800 321-PETS. 

The above text is the property of Diabella Loves Cats, and is copyrighted by Diabella. Max's House has been granted special permission to use it. Please do not take it in whole or in part under any circumstances or for any reason.

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This information is for medical reference only and not intended to be used in place of professional veterinary care. Its purpose is to impart to the cat owner in-depth
information on feline disorders and their veterinary therapies-helping the owner feel confident while working in partnership with the veterinarian. Always consult a veterinarian at the slightest sign of a medical problem. The information contain herein has been gathered from numerous sources.  Max's House takes no responsibility for the accuracy of that information, or for the diagnosis or treatment of any animal and again advises the reader to consult with a veterinarian before attempting any treatment .   Do not attempt any treatment or give your pet any medication or drug without express consent and authorization from a licensed, professional veterinarian.

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