Meet Sweet Chatter

Our deepest gratitude to everyone who allowed us to apply their donation to Ollie's 2nd surgery fund to help pay for Chatter's life-saving surgery to remove a cancerou spleen.

Chatter is a beautiful and incredibly sweet and trusting ~10 year-old rescued cat. She was taken to the vet because we noticed she had a swollen abdomen. X-rays revealed her abdomen was filled with over a liter of fluid. We had the fluid drained and analyzed. The results suggested the cause of the fluid could be cancer. We immediately opted for ultrasounds of her abdomen which revealed she had a splenic tumor. She had emergency surgery and her spleen was completely removed sucessfully and sent to a diagnostic lab for histopathologic examination. The lab confirmed the diagnosis of cancer. Chatter had a cancerous splenic mast cell tumor.

Chemotherapy for cats that had mast cell tumors removed is controversial. But after consulting with a veterinary oncologist we decided to put her on chemo as long as she does not develop serious or unpleasant adverse effects and maintains a good quality of life. She's had three treatments so far and  seems to be tolerating the chemo quite well. She's active, playful, affectionate and has a good appetite.  She's gained back the weight she lost and she's maintaining her ideal weight. She talks as much as ever - hence her name, "Chatter".

Blood tests are necessary before each chemo treatment to make sure her  white blood cell count  hasn't  dropped. So far, all her blood tests have been normal.  Follow-up x-rays and ultrasounds have shown         
 no tumors in any of her other organs or enlarged lymph nodes.   Thankfully, she seems to be responding very well to chemo and her vet's prognosis is good as long as she contimues to receive the care she needs.

Her medical bills are already in the thousands of dollars and our medical fund is once again exhausted. Providing the long term care she requires is very expensive and beyond our means at this time especially with kitten season just around the corner.  We desperately need funds to help pay for Chatter's care. Any donation will be deeply appreciated and will help us give Chatter the longest life possible with the best quality possible.  On behalf of Chatter, Thank You from the bottom of our hearts.

     You may also send a check or money order made payable to "Max’s House Animal Rescue, Inc." with "Chatter's Fund" in the memo to:

Max’s House Animal Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 1581
Ridgewood, NJ 07451

 (Please include your email address with your check)


   Ollie Update
We have been informed by Ollie's ophthalmologist that Ollie will not need a second surgery.  There has been a very big misunderstanding and miscommunication between some of the people involved.  After the post-surgical swelling subsided the ophthalmologist determined Ollie would not require another surgery. If anyone who made a donation towards Ollie's second surgery would like their donation returned,  please let us know and we'll be happy to issue a refund.

We're very sorry for this misunderstanding and inconvenience and thank you for your kindness and understanding.



  Sly was a victim of abuse and abandonment. When we rescued him his spirit was broken and he was extremely malnourished.
  Initial blood tests revealed he was borderline anemic and in the early stages of hepatic lipidosis (fatty liver syndrome)- a

  disease that develops when a cat doesn't eat for prolonged periods of time.   After a few months of intense medical and
  nutitional therapy his anemia and hepatic lipidosis have completely resolved.  Under the loving care of one of our volunteers,
  he has blossomed into a truly beautiful, healthy, trusting and confident cat.


Charlie Update: Great News!

Little Charlie's surgery was a complete success!  Post-op and follow up echocardiograms confirmed the PDA is completely closed and his heart murmer is completely gone!

After two weeks convalence with limited activity, Little Charlie is now a super active, rambunctious, normal kitten who will now live a normal, happy life.  Before his surgery, he tired very quickly and had little interest in playing.  Now, he is the energizer kitty and just wants to climb and climb, and climb and get into everything!

The PDA stunted his growth.  But he should continue to grow normally now. He's still very small for his age, but that just makes him even more endearing!

To all the wondeful people who made this success possible and helped saved this sweet little cat's life, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!


Amy Update

Amy-Dec.jpg (104284 bytes)

Wonderful News!

   Amy's surgery was a complete success and she's recovering quickly.  Although the kidney damage has left her nearly completely blind from hypertensive retinopathy, you would never know by how well she gets around.  She's very affectionate and surprisingly playful. She also has a good appetite.  All-in all, she seems to be recovering quite well.. 

She needs to remain on blood pressure medication for the rest of her life with periodic blood pressure checks as well as blood tests to monitor her kidney function.

To all of you who made this success possible and helped us save this sweet little cat's life, thank you from the bottom of our hearts!   It feels great knowing you helped save a sweet little cat's life, doesn't it!



bitsy-rs-00.jpg (277238 bytes) bitsy-rs-02.jpg (62070 bytes)


              Bitsy's Update

Oreo_crop.jpg (36614 bytes) Oreo is a young black and white (hence-Oreo!) male cat who is in a very desperate situation. He was recently rescued from the street but had lost an eye somehow in his passage through life. A trip to the vet and it was sewn up and really looks like it was never there. Okay now everything's fine- right? Poor Oreo has another really urgent problem- he is losing the sight in his remaining eye. Oreo needs to be seen by a veterinary eye surgeon to see if we can save what's left of his sight. The problem right now is the cost of this procedure. He is a very sweet cat and we can't bear to put another burden on this sweet guy. Homeless is bad enough but homeless and BLIND! If you can't take him into your home, if you can make a donation to our rescue in his name- he and all of us will be very grateful.Our medical spending right now is stretched to the limit and every donation will be greatly appreciated.

UPDATE: Oreo had eye surgery on October  27.  The surgery was a complete success and Oreo is expected to regain most of his sight in his remaining eye!!!
We will upload new pictures of Oreo in his new home as soon as we receive them.

On behalf of Oreo, we wish to offer all you who made this success possible our most profound thanks!



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You may also send a check or money order made payable to "Max’s House Animal Rescue, Inc." with "Emergency Veterinary Fund" in the memo to:

Max’s House Animal Rescue, Inc.
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