Caryota spp.   

Common name(s) Clustered fishtail palm, fishtail palm, Jaggary palm, toddy fishtail palm, tufted fishtail palm, wine palm.

Toxin(s) Calcium oxalate and possibly irritant proteins.

Toxic part(s) Whole plant, especially the roots.

Signs  Pain and swelling of the oral cavity. Acute inflammation of the oropharynx accompanied by salivation, pawing at the mouth, and drooling. Edema of the lips, tongue, and throat may be seen.

Treatment  Usually none required. Analgesics may be required. Swelling may be treated with cool compresses. It is unknown if diuretics or glucocorticosteroid would help with the inflammation. Rarely the swelling will interfere with respiration. If necessary, secure the airway